Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day 22 & Day 23

Perceiving Grace...

This devotional showed me something very clear- If I really realise everyday, that I am in His great debt because of His love and forgiveness .....then doesn't all, everything....becomes a gift?

It is something I need to remind every moment God is there and somehow we can be thankful for everything. We can. We can because He has given us everything in Christ alone. And everything else- is a gift that we do not deserve. 

We deserve nothing but He gives us everything.

I deserve nothing, death. But He gave me everything, life.

That is grace. 

Hunting Grace...

Being empty, like an empty container- makes us seekers, hunters of glory, of beauty, of grace. 

I need to hunt, find grace- beauty to fill the emptiness.

I want to be a beauty-hunter.

"For those who can see, the worlds beauty outweighs its burdens. Its grace greater then its grime."

I need to ask myself;

"What will I look for to outweigh everything? Who will I look to, to outweigh everything?"

The answer is Jesus. He is who and what I look to to outweigh everything.


  1. I "plus oned" it half way through and getting to the end i wish i could do a "plus two"

    And the reason I read these posts is twofold. firstly it's great to learn this amazing stuff that Ann writes and secondly, Seeing my sister encouraged is such a massive encouragement to me. Christian girls have it harder in so many aspects to be a christian because of what society tells us about what girls should be! Keep it us Steph!

    1. thanks Aidan for your words of encouragement! it means alot!!! :)