Thursday, 12 December 2013


"Not enough storage space."

For the past few months I have been reading these words on my phone. And to be honest, I don't know enough about my iPhone (or care enough really), to fix the problem.  I'm sure it's a simple problem to overcome, but at the moment I have decided to ignore it.

In some way, this made me think of my heart, mind and soul. 

In all honesty, sometimes my emotional, mental and spiritual self feel like they are choc-oh-block, there is no more room left inside me because I am storing so much in every aspect of myself.

Yesterday, I went with my friend to IKEA and observed all of the millions of storage boxes, containers, shelves, draws....and for someone as organised as me, I must admit it was just a bit exciting. 

But this made me wonder about how I organise, compartmentalise and store my life

Don't get me wrong, being organised and knowing exactly where everything is stored is a beneficial and positive achievement! But I can see how it can become an attempt to control the uncertain and changing seasons of life. 

And I can see how I do this with every aspect of my life, trying to store certain emotions, experiences, anxieties and even relationships, into certain types and sizes of storage boxes, or places, within myself.

Although,  in truth I think no matter how many places you have to store your thoughts and feelings, there becomes a point where there is not enough storage space left.

This realisation only means one thing: you need to make room, spring clean, remove the clutter and empty some places...because you need to create more space for certain other things in life.

One aspect of my life in which I need to empty the box in order to refill it, is the anxiety and worry box. The box where I store all my thoughts and fears about my relationships and future...which take up one to many boxes within my soul. 

And the worst is that these places inside myself, where I feel burdened and darkened by problems of this world, seem to just be stored up... not going anywhere and of no real use.

What if I emptied these spaces?

What if I cleaned out these burden-filled places which store some of my darkest anxieties and fears?

And more then that, what if I filled these with thoughts and experiences of Jesus and other people.

One song that I love at the moment is called "Cold is the Night" by The Oh Hello's. And one of my favourite lines from the song are these words,

"take this burden away from...
bury it before it buries me." 

I think if we let God un-clutter, empty and take away these burdens, anxieties and fears...away from the places in which they are stored in our hearts, we can fill ourselves and store up things of value, worth, hope and joy. Treasures, not tears. 

Because if we don't let Him empty us, He can't fill us.

I have seen dark places in a soul being filled with love, joy and hope. These stored up thoughts and experiences that can bury our souls can be emptied and carried away by Jesus. 

Of course we will always need to empty to be able to store these things. 

To be honest, I don't think anyone can have empty spaces within themselves. I think that these spaces are full, but are just storing the wrong things...fears, past experiences and regrets, worry, shame or guilt. 

But we can store up things much, much greater. God can fill us with things and opportunities that can't be compartmentalised or controlled, but can be stored within our hearts and souls.

Steph's artwork. 

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