Saturday, 13 July 2013

day 9: silk grace

When we fret about the future, we cling to the illusion that we somehow have control over it...
Well, I was reminded that we don't. 
God is the One in control.

The other problem with worrying about the future is that it blinds us to the current moment, the one we can't control, it keeps us bling to Him, the One who controls all.

What is instead of discounting the current moment, the uncontrollable, the simply given-what if I counted it-and on God who controls it?
What is I woke and refused to hurry because I didn't want to discount God?
"It is only the present moment alone that holds the possibility of coming into the presence of God. Look around, breathe deep...enter into this one moment."

Thank You Lord for the moments in my day that are just simply there, here and now moments that just let me rest in Your love and faithfulness.

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