Friday, 12 July 2013

day 7 and 8: trusting and urgent grace

After a busy two days I wasn't able to keep on top of my daily posting unfortunately. So I have decided to do Day 7 and 8 together to catch up- though they are really complimentary anyway!

Day 7: Trusting Grace

You can't fill with joy until you learn how to trust.
Having trust, or believing is a verb, something that you do.

One thing I do know, that stress and worry and anxiety sometimes seems a lot easier then trust, but it does not bring joy. And "isn't joy worth the effort of trust?" Isn't it true that most of my failures and worries come from worry in life, a wariness to thank and trust the loving hand of God...

Trusting requires a discipline, practically exercising the assurance that steadies us in our walks.

Day 8: Urgent Grace

God gives us time. But who has time for God? 

I read this devotional and realised just how much I hurry through life.

Being in a hurry... "getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in front of me." This is too true in my life, and I know I'm not the only one who struggles to be fully in every moment of life...

And its funny, because I can not think of one good advantage that comes from being constantly in a hurry. 

Truthfully, I am the sort of person that is either always early or just on time; never late. I think that has to do with my anxiety and the feeling of being generally less stressed if I don't run late. ...

But that doesn't mean I don't hurry. I hurry through experiences and emotions that should be breathed in, rested in, absorbed fully, reflected on... I rush to the next thing, leaving behind a thought, emotion or moment that could have been extended and really embraced!

Ann says this...

"life is so urgent it necessitates living slow..."

And the more I dwell on these words, the more I understand just how true they are! 

In christ, the most urgent necessitates a slow and steady reverence. 

"We stand on the brink of eternity. So there is enough time... Time to breathe deep and a time to see reality. Time to laugh long, time to give God glory and to rest deep and to sing joy..."

For the past few days I am thankful for the promise of God that He is faithful, true and unchanging even when I fail and forget. Thanks that You are slowly steadying me. Thanks that Your grace is sufficient and Your power is made perfect in my weakness. (2 Cor 12:9)

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  1. Yeah, I do them same. Love that Quote from Ann. Even in holidays I am stressed and always in a rush