Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day three: First grace


all wickedness and sin begins with this act of forgetting. Forgetfulness leads to thanklessness.

I turn a blind eye to Gods infinite glories.

But I want a thankful heart. I want to remember who God is, what He has and continues to do in my life.

"Turn in thanks and everything turns- and God doesn't turn away."
Ann words ring true as she says, if all the wickedness begins in the world with an act of forgetting- then the act of literally counting blessings literally re-members us to God.

It's so true though, when I turn my thoughts to thanks I immediately can see God and His gifts so much more clear and I remember how blessed and thankful I am!

I ask Lord that You will help me make thanks my first thought, everyday, in everything. Because how easily do I forget.

I am thankful for today: for the healing and strengthening God has done in my life and continues to do daily. I am on a journey to renewed strength, both physically and emotionally and I can just praise You for the way that You Lord give me hope and freedom from defeat ad guilt... You make me strong Lord and You continue to show me how much life is worth living fully, free from anxiety and negative thoughts and choices.

Thanks God that I am being renewed day by day as I see and receive grace by grace.

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