Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 4: Thinking Grace

Just a quick note to start... 

I am not sure how many people are actually reading this...but I have been challenged to share this daily journey of thanksgiving with you, even if it is just one person. but please, feel free to leave any comment to let me know you are listening!

Day 4: Thinking grace

In this devotion I was really opened to this;

thanking is the highest form of thinking.

Ann says that giving thanks is the highest form of thoughts... she says the world needs fewer complaints and more thanks. And how true this! I can't even count the amount of complaining I do in a day, but I can probably count on my hand the amount of thanks I give.

I love these words...

This is what all the great artists and thinkers do-they stay awake to the wonder of God's world. Great thinkers are the grateful thankers- the real greats live gratefully...
I want to be a great thinker, but more importantly a grateful thanker. I want the highest form of my thoughts to be thanks- to God!

Yesterday I found it hard to see something that gift that I wanted to see. What I realised was, the abundant blessings that God has lavished so clearly in my life- food, home, family...just on the surface. 

So, I am thankful for every good and ready gift that is so clear in my life. Because Lord you bless through big and small, through the clear, tangible gifts....to the hidden treasures and intimate moments of life.

Thankyou God. 

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