Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 5: here-now grace

His gifts are here and now.

These words made me really think...

Do we truly stumble so blind that we must be affronted with blinding magnificence for our blurry soul-sight to recognise grandeur?

Is is really that hard to see joy all around... to experience eucharisteo. 

Augustine write that "without exception...all try their hardest to reach the same goal; that is joy." 

And this is so, so true. When I think about the choices I make, the things I do and want, it's all at some level to seek joy. But sometimes, I am just looking in the really wrong places.

Ann then pens these words..

Is the height of my joy dependent on the depths of my thanks?

Is it that simple...? That giving real, authentic thanks to the free and ready gifts of God gives life the full joy? If then this is true, that giving thanks brings joy, then as long as thanks is possible, Joy is always possible.  

I am thankful for the here and now wonders of the everyday.

TodayLord I am thankful for children and their ability to see and experience joy in the small and simple things. Thank you for the warming smile of a child.

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  1. YES AMEN! Those children are such blessings. & to think God is enabling us to imprint Jesus on their hearts. So that one day they may surpass us, may perserve onward to Christ.