Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 6: anti-anxiety grace

This has gone through my mind a lot, and I am sure it has been in your thoughts to..

what is the answer to anxiety?

Ann says that Calvin has something to say about this...

"the stability of the world depends on this rejoicing of His works."
A song of thanks, steadies everything. 

The answer is to exalt Christ, to thank and number His graces and praise Him. This is the thing that combats anxiety.

I know anxiety too well, and I pray that as God grows thanksgiving in my heart, that anxiety will be steadied and I will find joy in Christ.

I am thankful for a beautiful sister in Christ in particular. Thankyou for the time and tears we shared together. Thank you that we can share in each other's fears and failures, but also share in the hope of where we are going, on this journey that is life with God. Thanks that our journeys of becoming who You want us to be are not taken alone. Thanks that we can be vulnerable and open and able to express the colourful emotions of life, in words and tears. Thanks for the way you show us that through moments like these, we are not alone. 

Thank you that we can overcome everything through Your strength.

"I'm happy about where I am going, just not where I am now." 

And that's ok too. To not be okay now, but to know that God heals, renews and strengthens.

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